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EOS blockchain launch. How to claim your EOS tokens

June 1, 2018

June 1st is a small celebration – EOS Mainnet launch. Many of us decided to participate in EOS tokens distribution and now, we need to register them. How it works?

During the ICO period, EOS tokens used Ethereum blockchain, however, starting on June 1st 2018, EOS will run its own blockchain and all the tokens that are not registered will be frozen and non-transferable. So, be sure to register the address where you keep your tokens prior to the June 1st 2018.

To avoid this issue Attic Lab provides you with a few guidelines of how to become a proper EOS tokens holder by using MyEtherWallet.

PS: The first 3 steps of this guide are only for people who bought EOS tokens through the cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. First of all, you need to set up an Ethereum address with MyEtherWallet.
  2. You need to make a transaction for at least 0.01 Ethereum which is needed to initiate registration process. Be cautious about the fact that transaction fee itself might be, for example, 0.005 Ethereum. So, be prepared and buy a bigger amount if possible.
  3. Now your MyEtherWallet is ready and you need to withdraw your EOS tokens to the generated address. After doing this your both EOS and Ethereum tokens going to chill on the same ETH address.
  4. Finally, you need to register you EOS tokens. The process is a bit more complex, however it is easy-to-do:
    • Generate your EOS keys at
    • Make sure that you won’t lose them at any chance. Also, please, make sure to backup your keys
    • Go to “Contracts” tab on MEW
    • On “Select Existing Contract” drop-down menu, choose “EOS - Contribution”
    • Click “Access” below
    • Then go to “Select a function” menu and click “Register”
    • On the “key string” menu above paste you newly-generated EOS public key
    • After doing that, choose a “Private Key” and paste/type your wallet’s private key in a text box on a side and press “Unlock”
    • At the end, click “Write” on the bottom of a page and choose the “Amount to send” which should be “0” and “Gas Limit”
    • Lastly, click “Generate Transaction”

Congratulations! Now you are an official and secured EOS tokens holder and you can happily wait for the launch of EOS Mainnet.

To check your registration:

  1. Select ‘keys’ function from ‘EOS - Contribution’ contract
  2. Enter Ethereum public address which you used for registration
  3. Click ‘Read’
  4. The registered EOS public address will appear in the ‘string’ field

Stay tuned!