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Please, vote for us as an EOS Block Producer, we need your support to continue offering tools and services!

5 reasons why you want to vote for Attic Lab

July 6, 2018
  1. Financial technology avant-garde Attic Lab is a fintech and blockchain solutions company. During these years, a lot of experience was accumulated. There were numbers of successful projects with Ukrainian National Bank, private banks, blockchain-based banking platform, cryptocurrency exchange, national cryptocurrency project and a bank concept focused on new know-hows like Big Data, IoT and blockchain-based technologies.

    Going through these projects, Attic Lab had worked with different aspects and angles which led to combination of all the knowledge about development, DevOps, finance, legal systems and the main thing – a dialog with user. Our company sees last factor as the key motivator to develop and innovate. Our main concept is to create software, projects or applications that would be absolutely beneficial for future users.

    Now, as EOS Block Producer Candidate, Attic Lab has a privilege in terms of expertise and we want to implement it in projects, education and focus on development of EOS community.

  2. Professional team Attic Lab’s environment concentrates leading professionals from various industries. Starting from developers, UI/UX designers, researchers and ending with financial consultants, accountants and marketers. At Attic Lab, every project engages different aspects of work. That is why the main idea is to sharpen every corner of a new project with a sharpest mind and create a great future for EOS blockchain.

  3. Development Recently, an Offline Voting Tool for EOS was published directly on GitHub (add the link to the App, if possible). This application allowed users to vote in offline mode in convenient and secure way.

    Aside from Offline Voting Tool, Attic Lab works on EOS Scanner and EOS Tracker applications. EOS Scanner represents a Block Explorer and Analytics platform. EOS Tracker is used for real-time viewing of EOS blockchain.

  4. Education While you are reading this, a team of Researchers works on a new educational article, or a new video is shot. Attic Lab takes a lot of effort into education of the community. It is vital to explain people that EOS is not “intangible future”. The idea is to show the community that it is here – convenient, fast, secured and easy-to-use.

    Besides regular users, our view falls on the DApp developers. Better applications = better environment. That is why Attic Lab is sure that sharing information with developers is vital for EOS blockchain.

    In addition, Attic Lab will arrange and contribute in different offline events like meetups, workshops, conferences and lectures. This concept of education shows itself as a more engaged event for the community. So, it is a great chance to discuss and learn more complicated aspects of EOS and get hands-on experience.

  5. Transparency We are people and we are here for people. All our projects, materials and applications are open-sourced. Every user can easily get access to it and become a developer, investor or just widen his or her knowledge about EOS.

    We see transparency as a key motivator and benefit of EOS blockchain. It allows us to be sure that everything in EOS is done for people and there are no concerns about security or negative intentions.

Attic Lab Offline Voting Tool

Lately, Attic Lab has created an EOS Offline Voting Tool that ensures that your voting process is highly-secure. It takes only 5 easy steps to finish your voting. Offline mode guarantees that your votes cannot be phished or stolen. That is why you can focus on choosing proper candidates rather then worry about your EOS tokens and security.