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Attic Lab Becomes an Official EOS Block Producer Candidate

June 23, 2018

We are excited to announce that Attic Lab is an official EOS Block Producer candidate.

Exactly as it sounds, block producers will produce the blocks of the EOS blockchain. EOS block producers are located worldwide and come from different technical, social and organizational backgrounds.

EOS block producer is a decentralized body that is voted in to govern the EOS network for a particular amount of time. This means that EOS block producers will be changing on a regular basis.

There can be only 21 EOS block producers in total at any given time. Block producer elections is a continuous process, with votes being recalculated every two minutes to ensure that EOS block producers are never the same. The elected EOS block producers will be producing blocks at the time of the vote. However, voters can change their mind straight away.

Being an EOS block producer implies great responsibility since EOS block producers are in charge of running the EOS Mainnet. Understanding this responsibility, Attic Lab is determined to drive EOS block production with its high throughput servers.

We are committed to allocating additional resources, like disk space, RAM, servers, maintenance etc to successfully implement our job. We are also determined to build various EOS-based applications in order to bring extra value to the EOS ecosystem.

Attic Lab looks forward to contributing to the growth and development of the EOS Mainnet, and to become a part of EOS Network. It would be a great honor for us to get a chance to collaborate with innovators and block producers across the globe, aspired to enhance EOS.