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Chintai Proxy Adds Attic Lab

Jan 14, 2019

We, Attic Lab, are happy to announce that Chintai proxy added us to their voting list. This high mark of recognition is a giant leap for us, and we express our gratitude to Chintai proxy for the trust.

We recognize the amount of responsibility that this important acknowledgment brings. With this post, we would like to outline our further plans and intentions, as an EOS BP, since we believe that the community has to know whom they elect.

As a team with vast expertise in blockchain-based software development, we are to continue facilitating the enhancement of the EOS ecosystem. We are going to proceed to expand on our CPU performance upgrades, and further develop our existing products: MyEOSWallet, Munin Plugins and Offline Voter.

Besides, we will continue to monitor the ecosystem for any possible issues and bottlenecks and collaborate with other teams to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. EOS network must be accessible, user-friendly and efficient for every user, developer and Block Producer.

Performance of both software and hardware is of utmost importance for our common success. The network has to be backed by high-speed and low-latency infrastructure. As one of the fastest Block Producers, we will carry on sharing our expertise and experience with the rest of the EOS community. We seek to become the gold standard for performance in the EOS blockchain.

Stay tuned with Attic Lab.