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Please, vote for us as an EOS Block Producer, we need your support to continue offering tools and services!

Attic Lab officially announces its EOS Block Producer Candidacy.

June 2, 2018

Attic Lab was founded in 2016. In the very beginning we developed blockchain solutions for banks and other financial institutions in collaboration with Ambisafe, Alliance Bank and Humaniq. Now our diverse and experienced team allows us to focus on building own blockchain applications. Our recent projects include cryptocurrency exchange Cryptagio and open-source banking software openbankIT.

Mission of Attic Lab is to create a compliant and decentralized financial system that benefits all its participants. As part of our strategy we support open source blockchain initiatives and share our expertise with blockchain community by delivering lectures and workshops. Our past experience of work with banks and other financial institutions gives strong evidence that the modern financial system will suffer from “code is the law” attitude. The future decentralized financial system needs arbitrage. That is why we believe in approach that EOS team sticks to. To facilitate the development of EOS ecosystem, Attic Lab strives to become EOS Block Producer and share its expertise along with resources with the global community.


Phase 1: Allocate three EX41-SSD servers with Intel® Core i7-6700 Quad-Core processor and 32 GB DDR4 RAM along with two 500 GB 6Gb/s SSDs. Two of these servers will be located in Germany and one in Finland. Attic Lab finds this hardware setup optimal for initial stage. In addition to that, we can use existing 6 high performance Google Cloud Instances.

Phase 2: Even though EOS ecosystem may rise rapidly, Attic Lab will spend additional resources to maintain steady and smooth operation of the infrastructure. In addition to that, we are looking forward to develop our own datacenter starting from 2019.

Phase 3: Popularization of EOS in financial sphere seems as a great step. We are going to perform meetings, lectures and workshops related to benefits of using EOS comparing to classic finances. Also, EOS token will be added on our cryptocurrency exchange Cryptagio. Right now, Attic Lab works with a number of projects which are successfully implemented blockchain within banks. Central banks, and other financial institutions. Aside from that, our team is planning to support this step with online and offline publications to keep EOS vision more open to the public.

Phase 4: Production of EOS-based DApps is next significant step for Attic Lab. EOS ecosystem is a worthy pain relief from our point of view. Current financial system is slow, highly-controlled and limited. Meanwhile EOS has a great capacity for transactions, it is fast, convenient, scalable, flexible and easy-to-use. That is why we are looking forward to implement EOS-based DApps that would be beneficial to the community.

Community Benefit

EOS community is still small and needs facilitation. To help grow the ecosystem we will dedicate our effort to smart contract development, governance and promotion of EOS.

Smart Contract Development

Attic Lab plans to utilize EOS in its software development. Source code of EOS smart contracts will be publicly available through github repositories for testing and subsequent utilization.

Governance and Promotion

We are going to participate in account management, creation of proposals, arbitration, token generation and network support. In addition we plan to launch EOS token on our cryptocurrency exchange Cryptagio. However our long term goal is to establish partnerships with international initiatives that aim to foster EOS development in Europe. Attic Lab strives to build ecosystem that is community driven and which reflects all necessities of EOS users.

Attic Lab supports EOS community’s transparency and integrity that is why this post is published

To support EOS Ecosystem our company will:

  • Perform technical tasks

    Create and validate blocks, host full seed node and potentially back-up servers

  • Bear governance responsibilities

    Manage buggy accounts, take-down notices of files, manage hard and soft forks

  • Raise EOS community

    Release published materials, participate in conferences, improve EOS integrity in financial sphere

Public Presence








ID on Steemit

Official Block Producer Candidate Name

Attic Lab (legal name - LLC “Attic Lab”)

Location of Company Headquarters

Kyiv, Ukraine

Expected Location of Servers

Germany, FinlandType of Servers

Bare metal and cloud servers

Telegram and Node Names for Testnet


Node IP:

Node Name: Attic EOS