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Attic lab helps to build EOS Ecosystem

The future decentralized financial system needs arbitrage. That is why we believe in approach that EOS team sticks to. To facilitate the development of EOS ecosystem, Attic Lab as EOS Block Producer strives to share its expertise and resources with the global community.

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About us

Attic Lab - EOS BP

In the very beginning we developed blockchain solutions for banks and other financial institutions in collaboration with Ambisafe, Alliance Bank and Humaniq. Now our diverse and experienced team allows us to focus on building own blockchain applications. Our recent projects include cryptocurrency exchange Cryptagio and open-source banking software openbankIT.

Mission of Attic Lab is to create a compliant and decentralized financial system that benefits all its participants. As part of our strategy we support open-source blockchain initiatives and share our expertise with blockchain community by delivering lectures and workshops.

Attic Fintech
181B, Jerusalem Alley, Warsaw,
Post - 02-222, Warsaw, Poland
KRS: 0000681126
NIP: 7010697756
Tel: +48 22 390 64 82
Sergii Vasylchuk
90% - Sergii Vasylchuk
10% - Dmytro Chernobay

As a Block Producer
Attic Lab will:

Perform technical tasks:
Create and validate blocks, host full seed node and potentially back-up servers

Bear governance responsibilities:
Manage buggy accounts, take-down notices of files, manage hard and soft forks

Raise EOS community :
Release published materials, arrange and participate in public events (workshops, meetups, conferences), improve EOS integrity in financial sphere.

Create educational platform:
Create an ideal education platform that covers each aspect of EOS ecosystem starting from consensus algorithm and up to DApp development and node installation.

Undisputedly beneficial applications for everybody - Block Producers, Investors and Users. Initiate stage begins with EOS Wallet, offline Voting platform, Analytics platform and others. During the next stage, the development will focus on user-oriented applications and engagement of financial institutions.

EOS Community Projects

To promote EOS all the projects are free and opensourced where possible

EOS Block Producer offline voter

Convenient and secured offline tool to vote for EOS Block Producers, which is directly hosted on GitHub

My EOS Wallet

The interface is intuitive, well done and well designed. Every option is supported by the tips on the background, which turns out to be helpful for fresh ones on eos board.

Inside the wallet, a user could not only keep or transfer tokens safely but go an extra mile and use every eos opportunity.

Mobile My EOS Wallet

My EOS Wallet is an easy-to-use and safe EOS wallet that supports all the common actions in the EOS and BOS ecosystem making your user experience convenient and seamless

Cassandra history plugin

As an answer to #EOS Voter Bounties (EVB) Attic Lab launches α-version of Cassandra plugin for Full History node storage. Native API will be released soon

Education Initiatives

We will create an education initiative within Attic Lab that will help the world learn about EOS. This includes general education resources, developer training and events.


Latest news

You can view the latest articles and EOS training materials created by Attic Lab

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Team member
Sergii Vasylchuk

A former software engineer with knowledge in finance, now Sergii is CEO at Attic Lab. He has 15 years of experience in development. A wide range of technology-related skills allow him to coordinate the technological part of the project, delve into details, monitor the quality at each stage of the project development. His technical skills include knowledge of Go, NodeJS, C++, PHP, Python and various NoSQL and SQL databases. In addition Sergii has 8 years of management experience in forming and coordinating project-oriented and motivated teams.

Team member
Stanislav Cherviakov

With more than 10 years of experience in software architecture development, Stanislav is a well-rounded expert in microservices architecture, cryptography, elliptic curves, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin, C++, C#, Go, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby and Python. Stanislav developed the software architecture of several distributed systems including the decentralized auctioning system and a full stack banking system. As a CTO and managing engineer Stanislav led the tech development and growth of a startup from 4 people to 30.

Team member
Bohdan Opryshko

Bohdan holds Master’s degree in Physics. He has many years of successful experience in project management, smm and UI/UX design. Now he is in charge of research, analysis, business planning, budgeting and customer relations.

Team member
Vladyslav Makarov

Vladyslav studied computer science and software engineering at School 42 (Fremont, CA). He has worked as a consultant, researcher and project manager for various blockchain development companies in France, Canada and Ukraine. As a project manager he consulted various European companies on ICO issues and managed the process of building blockchain-based software for them. As a blockchain researcher he participated in writing various articles and a research whitepaper on such issues of blockchain technology as scalability, security and centralization.

Team member
Natalia Shevchenko

Natalia has strong financial background. He worked in various startups where he was in charge of marketing, product management and fundraising. She has also been in charge of managing finance for several nonprofit organizations and businesses. Natalia has experience of working with such institutions and funds as USAID, George Soros Foundation, Programs of the European Commission, Ford Foundation and many others. She was a member at the Community Conection program and an expert of the Ukrainian school of political studies.

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