Software development

A boring job is the most terrible nightmare for our programmers. We've been creating software and websites long before Myspace era. The task specifications which begin with “I have an incredible idea...” and “This can be challenging, but..” are among our favorites.

  • SmartMoney

    SmartMoney is a new generation electronic money system. Clever money that will protect the interests of its owner. The concept that bitcoin brought to us has turned the minds and understanding of many skeptics. In practice, I proved that the values can be transmitted over the Internet


    A green-field development project implemented jointly with Deloitte under auspices of the National Bank of Ukraine, which is in progress and is subject to the NDA.

  • BonEx

    Decentralised platform that allows you to exchange bonuses of various companies connected to the network without intermediaries. The platform provide a tool for direct interaction between companies and more opportunities for doing business. Over time, Bonex can become a global platform and attract hundreds of thousands of networks for the sale of goods and services that will be able to develop their business virtually by means of a platform, emitting and managing their assets in the form of bonuses.


    OpenbankIT is an open-source banking platform for managing e-money that uses blockchain technology. We have developed a complete stack of technologies for banking industry, whose purpose is to eliminate technological barriers between financial institutions. Transparency and reliability of the platform are guaranteed by crypto technologies. Platform is under active development due to constant requests from our clients.

  • PeerEX

    Decentralised platform that offers a set of financial tools for doing business. The enterprisers gets the opportunity to raise funds, find partners, interact with clients. Our idea is to create a decentralized exchange platform for obligations. It will be a global network, through which enterprisers from all over the world will be able to obtain modern tools for the successful conduct of their business, using only their own smartphone. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for business development and development, access to broad foreign markets and investment opportunities, for various enterprisers, regardless of the size of the business and its location.

  • Bank Alliance
    Remote-banking management

    Applied digital banking in technological alliance with Alliance Bank. The project aims to develop a client-bank management system capable of providing service to customers based on blockchain solutions.


    This innovative blockchain based system is made to record, manage and store a given “value” and is capable of using the biometrics of an user's face as an identifier.

  • Polybius

    Polybius Bank is going to combine features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements.

  • Cryptagio

    Cryptagio is a global cryptocurrency-only exchange, built to provide fast, simple and secure way of trading digital assets. Currently Cryptagio allows users to hold, deposit and exchange 10 major cryptocurrencies with more to come, including fiat money. Cryptagio was built to accommodate the needs of those, striving to get ahead and take hold in today’s crypto market, regardless of their level of experience. The platform offers advanced matching and security mechanisms as well as simple, user-friendly design and 24/7 multi-channel support.

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