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who we are

I’m Sergey Vasylchuk - co-founder and CEO of Attic Lab. We are innovative fintech company, which gathered the most inspired professionals from banking, IT and crypto industries. It is great honor for me to lead the team, which is aimed to change finance system. I’m aware that our goals looks crazy and are beyond the scope of possibility. but… this is only way to change the world and minds.

We are quite young, but already cooperating with banks and business from Africa to Asia. Our knowledges and practice allow us to feel confident at classical finances as well as dynamic crypto-market. Our software is certified by the Central Banks, and many financial institutions use it. We have limited time, that’s why we are participating only in disruptive projects. If you have an idea, an implementation that is beyond reality, then you are our like-minded person. We are waiting for you, because we along the way.

  • Banking

    The bankers on our team happened to run several profitable banks within the last 20 years. We are able manage a bank of any size: single branch as well as countrywide. As a part of daily routine we managed a great variety of bank processes, both the simplest and the most complex ones.

  • Software development

    A boring job is the most terrible nightmare for our programmers. We've been creating software and websites long before Myspace era. The task specifications which begin with “I have an incredible idea...” and “This can be challenging, but..” are among our favorites.

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Сompany history

  • 2015 January

    The origin of the idea of creating innovative finteh products for the banking sector

  • 2015 March

    Forming a team of like-minded people

  • 2015 June

    Development of business strategy

  • 2015 Sept.

    Formation of a team of developers

  • 2016 February

    Conclusion of the first cooperation agreement

  • 2016 Sept.

    Obtaining a certificate of the NBU

  • 2017 March

    The start of the project REMOTE-BANKING MANAGEMENT (Alliance Bank)

  • 2017 April

    Start of the project HUMANIQ (PROJECT WITH HUMANIQ)

  • 2017 May

    Accelerator participation HUGE THING (Poland) Poland

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